Thursday, October 18, 2012

All Hallow's Read

Happy October book lovers! As some of you may know, I'm a fan of the dark and creepy. The skulls over the stairs for the past year might have been a give away. So, when given the chance to mix books and Halloween, I was all over it.  What presented me with this glorious opportunity?  None other Neil Gaiman introducing The All Hallow's Read several years ago. You may be wondering what this escapade is.  Mr. Gaiman explained it on his blog in the very clever video below.

Neat right?

The All Hallows Read poses an interesting dilemma, with all the scary, creepy or just darkly weird books out there, which one to choose?

I will confess that I don't read scary books. I lean more towards darkly weird.  Allow me to share some great picks that won't actually scare, but will still capture the spirit of the season....

The Graveyard Book

It only seems right to give the event's creator top billing on the list of top picks right?

The Graveyard Book is a great choice for book loving kids all the way up to quirky adults. It's whimsical and fun while still being appropriately macabre.

It's the story of a boy whose family is murdered by a mysterious organization.  He escapes and is subsequently raised by the ghosts residing in the graveyard at the end of his street.

This tale is full of supernatural creatures and mystery. It's a perfect read for any child 11 or up, but be warned there is a vast amount of non- graphic violence (bad thing happen, but they aren't described gruesome detail).

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 

Miss Peregrine's is a dark fantasy story about a boy who grew up with a grandfather who told him stories about the monsters who lurked in the real world, only to find out that they are all real... or maybe he's just losing his mind?

He and his father take a trip to the source of his grandfather's stories in an attempt to find the grain of truth.

This book is illustrated with truly creepy vintage photos that enrich the story without distracting from the readers imagination.

This story is a great choice for teens and up. It was written as an adult horror story, but got stolen by the young adult set.  It's a great read regardless, but not for little ones.

The Walking Dead Volume One

Season three just aired last weekend and if you haven't read the graphic novel that started it all, now is a great time to start. Standard zombie apocalypse end of the world survival story, but this one is masterfully told.

This read is a great choice for teens and up, especially for those lurking non-readers we all have.

So, there you have it. Three great All Hallows Read picks, with more to come from myself, Vickie and maybe even a guest blogger!

Which titles would you add?

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