Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Blog Post

This is the first blog post of our brand newe Broken In Books Blog, The Broken In Blog, on our new Broken In Books website. We will be covering a variety of topics in this blog, but for the first post, I though it would be important to introduce myself. My name is Vickie. I purchased the store four months ago. I have been selling books for over 10 years. This is my first experience with used books. I will be able to bring some of the book knowledge I have acquired through the years to this new endeavor.
Our first goal is to organize the store into more cohesive sections, which includes alphabetizing. Thus far we have alphabetized and organized, Sci-Fi, Biography, Fiction, Classics, Poetry, DVD, True Crime, and Young Adult, with more organization happening every day. We have also begun the process of inventorying the store with our new inventory system. Our goal is to have everything priced, organized, stickered and shelved by the beginning of the summer. Those are just some of the wonderful changes in the works for you at Broken In Books. Why don't you stop by and see what we have to offer? You won't be disappointed.


  1. Visiting from Texas and am a Borders orphan. I want to open my own bookstore here in Dallas because independents are so few and far between. I will be watching your progress and cheering for you in your future endeavors. Good luck and good selling!

  2. I had a barista from Texas. She moved back out that way a few years to work in the San Antonio Zoo. Best of luck with your book store aspirations. It's awesome to not have to sell membership and to only recommend books that you actually love.