Thursday, July 21, 2011


Not just any books, new books. We're not talking new to us books. These are brand new, never opened straight from the publisher books. We are super excited to be able to have a better selection of in demand titles for our readers.

Mockingjay? yeah, we've got that.

Game of Thrones? We've got that too, all of the Ice and Fire novels even.

Been meaning to read The Help? We can get you started on that.

We can Special Order for you too if we don't have the title you're looking for. No more "We had that for a little while, but some one picked it up last week" No, sir. We can now get you just about any book that you can dream up and it brings us great joy.

Not to belittle the broken in books, we've also gotten some amazing used books in. Beautiful R. A. Salvatore hardcovers (you should pick those up now if you dig him, because you get first dibs on them, but I don't have my collection complete yet). Also, All Souls in hardcover. Wicked good Boston biography, I highly recommend it.  Speaking of books by Boston authors, I touched my first hardcover copy of Shutter Island this week. It's beautiful and doesn't have a picture of the movie poster on the front or any thing.  

So, come in and check them out.

Especially Game of Thrones, but I'm not biased at all.

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