Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Banned books and more

Hey, it's banned book week. Why are you reading our blog instead of celebrating your right to choose what you can read?

Oh, it's because you adore us and decided to give us a few minutes of your time to see what's going on at the shop.

That's super kind of you. Thanks! We have such great customers, you guys are too cool.

Mostly we're getting the shop prettied up. We had a couple of weeks where we got a ton of books in and we couldn't shelve them fast enough. We are almost caught up now, which is a relief.

Other than house keeping, we're all about Banned Book Week. That's the ALA's celebration of books that have been banned at some point in time. Some of them are for super silly reasons. I surely don't want to be "protected" from literature for any reason.  I have chosen to celebrate by reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. It would be a bit more fun if someone where reading it with me so I could dialog about it, but life goes on.

We also got more super awesome new books in. The new Howie Carr is now available by popular demand. We also got the George Washington biography Washington, The Night Circus and The Secret History of the MI-6.

That's it for now.

Go read banned books!


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