Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Demolition at the bookstore!

 This week at Broken In Books we broke things. Actually it was just one shelf, but that's okay. Vickie had lots of fun and we finally got the really nice bookshelves installed.

Vickie looking thoughtfully at the case. Perhaps delivering it's last rites?

 The crowbar is Fat Max. Vickie is seen here pretending to be safe by wearing her sunglasses while breaking things. I'm a fan of here geeky Harry Potter shirt.

This was my sole appearance during the process. Consulting the mysterious wire growing out of the floor. I decided to stick to writing the news letter and leave the destruction to Vickie and Erica (she's wielding the camera, so you'll never see her in the blog. You'll just have to come in all the time and see if you can catch her.)

The end results are kind of awesome. What with the moving in of the real bookshelf with the adjustable shelves which will hold art books way better than the other contraption ever dreamed of.

The (mostly) finished product! Isn't it wonderful? It looks even better with shelves and books, but I don't have a picture of that.

I was planning on writing more, but we just got 9 boxes of books in and we're running out of floor space. So... I'm going to go and do my job instead of doing the fun blogging part.

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