Monday, August 29, 2011


The man who shot John Lennon and the man who shot Ronald Regan both had copies of The Catcher In The Rye with them.

That's your useless book trivia for the day.
Vickie and I were discussing the awesome classics we just got in. They are beautiful and old (in the good used book kind of way).  It's pretty exciting when we get in whole sets of classics. I know not everyone is quite a neurotic as I am about their bookcases, but I love when all the spines of my books match and most of the classics that just came in are part of sets.

Other than a lamentable lack of Steinbeck they're pretty amazing. The copy of 1984 is a cover I've never seen it so old, but it's still in good shape. They are wonderous.  

What's your favorite classic? Mine is a toss up between The Grapes of Wrath and The Scarlett Letter. Most hated is, hands down, Ethan Frome. The literary gods tortured me with that one no less than three times.

We're still getting in new books in too. Diversity's the word at the moment with us not ordering any fantasy this week. We're getting in new mysteries in the next couple of days. Dennis Lehane and the like, since we accept that not everyone wants to read Game of Thrones (I don't understand, but to each his own). 

We place orders about once a week, so if there is ever a title coming out that you need (yes, need. Books are not a want, they are like air) just let us know. In the next couple of weeks I'll start posting up titles that are imminent so you'll know whats coming out and if they peak your interest just let us know and we'll put it in that weeks order.

As always we have a wish list for the store. This weeks most wanted items are current DVD's, Romances released in the past couple of months,  Manga and Graphic Novels.

Till next week then!



  1. Ummmm...I think I might need to own that Orwell. And thanks for preanswering my Steinbeck question.

  2. I was a little disappointed by the lack of Steinbeck as well. Were you looking for a certain title?