Monday, August 8, 2011

Discontent Bookseller Rant...

It could have been an awesome week. Really it could have. Vicki and I stared the week by going to a Jim Butcher book signing. It was good times. Jim was wicked good people. He defaced my Dresden and my Alera and he answered fans super geek questions. In case you're wondering apparently Robert B. Parker is an amazing author and when Jim can't remember small details about The Dresden Files he checks Wikipedia because his fans are more neurotic than he is about the little stuff.

See, look at that me and Jim smiling. How could my literary week go awry?

I finished A Dance With Dragons today.  But Meg, you were so excited about Dance, how could that be a bad thing? 0-670-81364-8
That all I have to say about it.  

I'm going to need to find an awesome rebound book. Maybe Super Freakenomics. Nothing in there could possibly go wrong. Grumble and Rage. Although I would accept recommendations if you have something to soothe my wounds.

Moving on from my literary angst. 

We ordered more new books this week but we're having a bit of a problem diversifying. I'm a fantasy reader and Vicki reads lots of literature, so we keep ordering things we want to read. You guys should give us some ideas as to what you would like to read in the comments, that way you will have more options than Jim and George (they've been a recurring theme lately, I promise we do read other things). Terry Goodkind is coming out with a new book this month. This summer is really heavy on the big name sci fi releases.
We are also still trying to add a manga and graphic novels section to the store. If you are looking to rehome any titles in either of those genres, think of us please. We are also looking for some newer romance novels and current DVD releases. 

We sent out our first email newsletter this week, so don't forget to head over to our website to sign up to get news, coupons and other literary tid bits.

That's all I've got for now. I'm going to get back to cursing Mr. Martin and hopefully I will be less rage filled next week at this time.



  1. My nerdery wants to see eccentric biographies and history books.

  2. We would love to carry eccentric titles, but demand is fairly low right now. What we are able to do is arrange pre-orders for upcoming releases or order books in for you if you are seeking a certain title. We can accept orders over the phone as to save you making two trips.