Monday, August 1, 2011

Do Nothing But Read Day

Did you know that on August 6th it's Do Nothing But Read Day? How cool is that, right? We're pretty thrilled about the idea here in the shop. We'll be working Saturday, maybe participating occasionally.
I will be reading this one....   

Who else is a George fan around here? I'm totally looking for someone to geek with. So, if your at least 700 pages in you should come and bask in the wonder of Ice and Fire with me. Although I am quite fond of the Wild Card books as well. If you haven't read them you should check them out.

Vicki will probably try and work through the entire day, but I'm going to try and make her read for at least a little bit. She was all kinds of angry when Ghost Story got pushed back and she hasn't even opened its cover yet! For shame! Harry deserves much more respect than that (especially since he puts Gandalf and Belgarath in the same level of epic wizardly awesomeness).  I must confess a fondness for Alera myself, but all of Jim Butchers works are fairly genius.

What are you guys going to read? If you haven't made up your mind yet you should swing by the shop on Friday or Saturday. We've decided to celebrate by offering our readers Buy One Get One 50% Off Used Books. That way you'll have a spare book in case you finish your first one. Might I also take a moment to point out that we have three Steinbeck books in stock that you could read in a day (or Animal Farm) and you'd feel super cool and cultured that the end of them. That is unless Lost ruined the end of Of Mice and Men when you only had 15 pages left in the book (but I'm not bitter at all).

In other bookstore news, we'll be launching our news letter soon. You should sign up for it. All the cool kids are doing it. Click here to be super cool.


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