Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well, after a week off from the blog, I can say with confidence that I have recovered from A Dance With Dragons. In the past two weeks I've read three books (well, two and a graphic novel) and they seemed to have cured my initial agony over the end of dance. The next 47 years till Winds of Winter comes out should do the rest.

Not all book experiences end quite as horribly as my dance one. Vickie ran out of Dresden Files again and decided since it would be about two years before another one came out that it would be a good idea to live vicariously through me.  I love Harry Dresden. I had forgotten how much I adored Harry. Even after meeting Mr. Butcher I didn't remember.  Grave Peril was so good. Except the part where I couldn't find my copy so Vickie lent me hers and that was terrifying. It is nigh impossible to keep a mass market paper back looking like new. Vickie managed it and returning that book in the same condition it was lent in was like when home ec teachers use to have you have egg babies. Wicked high stress.

I digress,  the point I was working my way (very slowly) toward was that I am happy to get lost in Harry Dresden's Chicago. It's well crafted. It also reminded me that even if I'm a little discontent with George I still like Westros and I'm going to be really sad when Ice and Fire is over. Both series have really fantastic, rich worlds. I love them almost as much as I love Damar (Robin Mckinley, read her, she's amazing.) Moral? Read more Jim Butcher and Winds of Winter might come out too soon for my tastes. Six years might be the right amount of time between George RR Martin books.

We haven't done anything super fun in the store the past couple of week. We've gotten a ton more new and used books in and we've been trying to get them all on the shelves. Among our new book acquisitions was Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I've been told that it was really good. Steven Levitt mentions it in Super Freakonomics (the other book that healed my dragon wounds).  We also got in a beautiful book of photography called Daylight Noire, it's really pretty.

In used book news. Dante Club!!! Literary mystery, can't go wrong with that. Also, more RA Salvatore. The good new covers, not bad 80's ones.  If anyone needed a make over after the 80's it was Drizzt.

I think that pretty much sums up the past couple of weeks. It's been a little boring to be a bookseller of late.

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